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Alciatore Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement Systems 5e 1259892344
Alexander Fundamentals of Electric Circuits 5e ISBN 0073380571
Alexander Fundamentals of Electric Circuits 6e ISBN 0078028221
Anderson Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices 2e ISBN 0073529567
Beer Mechanics of Materials 6e ISBN 0073380288
Beer Mechanics of Materials 7e ISBN 0073398233
Beer Statics and Mechanics of Materials 2e ISBN 0073398160
Beer Vector Mechanics for Engineers 12e 125963809X
Beer Vector Mechanics for Engineers Statics and Dynamics 10e ISBN 0073398136
Beer Vector Mechanics for Engineers Statics and Dynamics 11e ISBN 0073398241
Blank Basics Of Engineering Economy 2e ISBN 0073376353
Blank Engineering Economy 8e ISBN 0073523437
Budynas Shigleys Mechanical Engineering 10e ISBN 0073398209
Cengel Differential Equations 1e ISBN 0073385905
Cengel Fluid Mechanics Fundamentals and Applications 3e ISBN 0073380326
Cengel Fluid Mechanics Fundamentals and Applications 4e ISBN 1259696537
Cengel Fundamentals of Thermal Fluid Sciences 5e ISBN 0078027683
Cengel Fundamentals of Thermo Fluid Sciences ISBN0073380202
Cengel Heat and Mass Transfer 4e 0073398128
Cengel Heat and Mass Transfer 5e ISBN 0073398187
Cengel Thermo 8e ISBN 0073398179
Cengel Thermodynamics 9e ISBN 1259822672
Chapman Electric Machinery Fundamentals 5e ISBN0073529540
Chapman Fortran for Scientists and Engineers 4e ISBN 0073385891
Chapra Applied Numerical Methods with MATLAB 4e ISBN 0073397962
Chapra Numerical Methods for Engineers 7e ISBN 007339792X
Cote TestTitle 1e ISBN 6309158934
Eide Engineering Fundamentals and Problem Solving 7e 0073385913
Hayt Engineering Electromagnetics 8e ISBN 0073380660
Holman Experimental Methods 8e ISBN 0073529303
Jaeger Microelectronic Circuit Design 5e ISBN 0073529605
Kang CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits 4e 0073380628
Kasap Principles of Electronic Materials and Devices 4e ISBN 0078028183
Keiser Optical Fiber Communcations 4e ISBN0073380717
Leet Fundamentals of Structural Analysis 5e ISBN 0073398004
Mesiya Contemporary Communication Systems 1e ISBN 0073380369
Nahvi Signals Systems 1e 0073380709
Neaman Semiconductors 4e ISBN 0073529583
Palm System Dynamics 3e ISBN 0073398063
Rizzoni Principles and Applications of Electrical Engineering 6e ISBN 0073529591
Roberts Signals and Systems 2e ISBN0073380687
Roberts Signals and Systems Analysis Using Transform Methods MATLAB 3e ISBN 0078028124
Sadiku Applied Circuit Analysis 1e ISBN 0078028078
Sandige Fund of Digital and Computer Design 1e ISBN 0073380695
Smith Foundations of Materials Science and Engineering 6e 1259696553
Smith Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 8e ISBN 1259696529
White Fluid Mechanics 8e ISBN 0073398276
alexander fundamentals of electric circuits 4e isbn 0077251598
beer vector mechanics 9e ISBN 0073529400
budynas shigleys mechanical engineering design 9e ISBN0073529281
cengel thermodynamics 7e isbn 007352932x
hart power electronics 1e ISBN00773380679
jaeger microelectronic circuit design 4e ISBN0073380458
neamen microelectronics 4e isbn 0073380644
white Fluid Mechanics 7e ISBN0073529346

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